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Sermon: Why losers are a waste of time

Allah swore by time to highlight its value, this week's Friday sermon will remind worshippers.

Allah swore by time to highlight its importance, tomorrow's sermon will remind worshippers as it reflects on the lessons in the Quran's "Al Asr" (Afternoon) chapter.

While the chapter is one of the Quran's smallest, featuring only three verses, it is comprehensive in its meaning.

"If nothing else was revealed to the people it would have been enough for them," a scholar once said.

The Prophet's companions would recite the chapter whenever they met or departed.

A prayer was also allocated to the afternoon to highlight the significance of that time of day, and Prophet Mohammed highlighted the importance of that prayer in several hadiths.

The chapter explains that there are two types of people: winners who have faith and use their time productively, and losers who waste their time.

The verses say: "Lo! Man is a state of loss, Save those who believe and do good works."

The chapter concludes by explaining that winners have a further two traits: patience and endurance.

"And exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance," concludes the chapter.

Endurance means committing to obligations and refraining from sin.

"One who achieves endurance will be given a lot of blessings from Allah, and endurance will be made easy on him," adds the sermon.

A hadith by Prophet Mohammed says: "No one was given givings that are better and bigger than patience."