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Sermon: envy and arrogance are incompatible with faith

A pure heart needs to be free of envy and hatred, says this week's Friday sermon.

A pure heart must be free of envy and hatred, worshippers are reminded in today’s sermon.

Such negative feelings can engulf a person, the sermon warns, noting that envy of Adam was the reason Satan chose not to obey Allah.

“Envy is a deadly feeling that wreaks havoc on the community and is contrary to faith,” the sermon says, quoting the Prophet Mohammed, who said belief and envy could never coexist in a worshipper’s heart.

In a community free of envy, all people will have sincere faith.

“In the same regard, our master Mohammed said: ‘None of you will attain faith till he wishes for his [Muslim] brother what he likes for himself’.”

The sermon explains that wanting to be like others, or have what they have, need not entail envy. It is only envy if one wants to be blessed while others are deprived.

Worshippers will also be told to steer clear of “unfair competition” to “obtain worldly gains using illegitimate means”.

Arrogance, says the sermon, is closely related to envy. An arrogant person may develop a sense of superiority towards others and wish for themselves to be blessed while others are deprived.

“A true Muslim is the one who strives hard to purify his soul from such ill-feeling and seeks to cure himself of jealousy and similar sentiments,” the sermon says.

Worshippers are told instead to feel satisfied with the blessings God has given them.