Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 16 September 2019

Second case of mass exam cheating under investigation

Ministry of Education said it had identified the school promised to take action against guilty pupils and supervisors

A second incident of mass cheating by pupils during exams is under investigation by the Ministry of Education.

According to reports, a photo of the Grade 12 end-of-year physics exam was sent to a WhatsApp group by a pupil half an hour after they started the test. The aim was to have pupils who were not sitting the exam send those with mobile phones answers to questions.

On Monday, the ministry said it had determined the school where the cheating happened and promised to take action against guilty pupils, who will automatically fail the exam, and negligent test supervisors.


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Notices were sent home to all pupils warning them of the consequences of cheating which include being banned from sitting any other exams if the offence is repeated, reported Al Bayan.

The recurrence of a cheating incident indicates that rule-breaking has become common among pupils, as has using mobile phones in classrooms.

Last week, the ministry said it was investigating another case whereby a pupil took a photo of a Grade 12 maths exam and shared it on WhatsApp to cheat.

The following day, the ministry used Instagram to warn pupils against cheating.

"It is prohibited to photocopy or share the exam paper before or after an exam through e-mail, social media or by any means," the ministry said, warning of legal action should a pupil break the rules.

Updated: June 26, 2018 02:13 PM