x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

UAE innovation can transform classroom into high tech lab

UAE finalist for the Stars of Science contest, Dr Mohammed Watfa, has invented a software that can transform a brick and mortar classroom into a high tech computer laboratory.

Dr Mohammed Watfa, 30, has designed software intended for developing countries. His program will allow a single laptop and projector to be used to teach a class of 20 by projected light.

The most basically equipped classroom with just seats and wooden desks can be transformed into a high tech computer laboratory with his invention.

The projector will send an image of a keyboard on to every student's desk, and the virtual keyboard will be able to enter information. All the student's work is backed up remotely on a Dropbox-like program.

The technology even allows the class to sit examinations, using a digital pen to write and take notes. The system also eliminates the need for printing, saving cost and energy.