x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Schools' inspection results due today

Results of 104 schools evaluated by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau will be released over the next two days.

DUBAI // Education officials will release the results of private school inspections today.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is expected to give an overview of its findings on the quality of education at private schools this afternoon, and the full inspection results for each school will be made available on the KHDA website tomorrow.

Between October 2010 and April, 136 private schools were inspected by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) to assess the quality of education.

This is the third year of inspections in private schools. The focus was on teaching and learning in key subjects. Schools were also rated on their support for pupils with special needs, physical education and teaching Arabic as a first language.

At the start of the inspections, Dr Abdulla al Karam, the director general of KHDA, said the process would put pressure on schools to address their shortcomings in these areas.

"This will create public debate about how these issues need to be tackled," he said.

The schools will be divided into four categories based on their performance: Outstanding, Good, Acceptable and Unsatisfactory.

In the last round of inspections only five out of the 210 public and private schools inspected achieved an Outstanding rating. There were 73 'Good' schools, and the rest were Acceptable or Unsatisfactory.

However, DSIB said at the time that many schools had improved on their previous inspections, which found poor pupil progress and attainment in the Arabic language and Islamic Education.

Jameela al Muhairi, chief of DSIB, said schools had worked on DSIB's recommendations and many received positive feedback for their efforts.

"There were many good examples of schools that have raised the standards in teaching Arabic through interactive lessons," she said.

Results from Indian and Pakistani schools were made public in February. Public school result dates have yet to be announced.