Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 17 October 2019

School fight between young pupils under investigation in Dubai

A Grade 1 boy allegedly punched a girl, leaving her needing stitches for a cut above her lip

An incident whereby a boy allegedly punched a girl in the face with a coin wedged between his fingers at a Dubai school is under investigation by the Ministry of Education.

The Emirati first grade public school pupil punched the girl last Wednesday, leaving her with a deep cut above her lip that required stitches.

School administrators called the girl’s parents who took her to hospital then reported the incident to police.

It is said the boy threatened the girl, who is in Grade 4, moments before hitting her with his makeshift brass knuckles during second break.

A voice note recorded by Mouza Al Shoumy, deputy head of Emirates Child Protection Association, addressing parents of children who attend the school, revealed that the boy had been bullied by his schoolmates.

She said the children would verbally abuse him and had nicknamed him ‘the monster’.

“The child is a victim himself,” Ms Al Shoumy said. “We have a confidential report about his case that clearly shows that he needs help, as does his family.”

She called on pupils and their parents to avoid speaking ill of the boy and not to pass judgment without knowing the full story.

“Instead of sharing messages that aggravate the situation, please try to lend a hand and help this child,” Ms Al Shoumy said in the recoding.

She said the boy did not display any behavioural issues in kindergarten.

“The change started at school after he heard other pupils call him bad names like ‘monster’.”


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