x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Saudi merchant forks out Dh160 million for camels at Al Dhafra

According to organisers of the camel festival, the Saudi man bought the camels to 'strengthen and diversify' his herd.

ABU DHABI // A Saudi claims to have spent more than Dh160 million on camels in preparation for the Al Dhafra Festival.

According to the organisers of the Al Dhafra festival, Hasher Al Subaei bought 100 camels from the Camel Mazayna to “strengthen and diversify” his herd.

The organisers said that while some buyers prefer to keep their transactions secret in fear of competition, others liked to reveal how much they spent.

“Two years ago he won with 100 other camels. He has since sold, exchanged and bought some, but he probably has 100 other camels,” said Salim Al Mazroui, the festival director. “Hasher is very well known in the festival.”

He said it was possible his announcement was intended to spur others to spend more on camels. Camel sales at the festival have so far reached more than Dh265 million – all black Majahim (dark camels), a type of an Arabian pure-bred camels.

Organisers said the “tough” competition has pushed up prices.