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Robber denies molesting woman while she slept in Dubai villa

An Indian man admitted to stealing from the villa but denied molesting a woman while she slept.

DUBAI // A man denied molesting a woman while she was sleeping in her villa, which he broke into to rob.

MP, 28, scaled the wall, broke into the victim’s villa in Al Barsha in Dubai and robbed the house. But before leaving he started touching her as she slept, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

The defendant, who is from India, admitted to stealing Dh1,650, three smartphones and three passports.

But he denied a charge of molestation.

Prosecutors said the defendant claimed that his friend suggested he rob the villa.

MP claimed he threw away the passports, sent the smartphones to his family in India and then split the money with his friend.

The woman’s daughter said she saw a man taking items from the house.

“In the morning my daughter told me she saw a tall man in the house taking items. She checked to see the smartphones had gone and called police,” said AT, 33, from India.

A verdict is expected on December 24.