x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Road deaths in Al Ain drop

Road fatalities in Al Ain are on the decline, while traffic police officials issue hefty penalties to those who break the law.

ABU DHABI // Deaths caused by traffic accidents fell by nearly a quarter in Al Ain following a number of successful road safety campaigns, officials said yesterday.

There were 45 fatalities during the first six months of this year, compared with 58 during the same period last year, a drop of 22 per cent.

Col Hamad Al Baloushi, the head of traffic police for the external Abu Dhabi regions, attributed the decrease to consistent road-safety awareness initiatives.

Officials said that in an effort to continue lowering the number of fatalities, they were monitoring accidents and assessing the causes in order to find solutions.

Meanwhile, 242 citations were issued in the first six months of this year to motorists who exceeded 200kph .

Maj Mohsen Saaed Al Mansouri, the deputy head of Al Ain's traffic and patrols unit, said such behaviour would not be tolerated.

"The vehicles of those motorists were seized immediately," he said.

In the first four months of this year, more than 300,000 speeding citations were issued to motorists in Al Ain.

In an effort to reduce speeding, traffic police are erecting signs that indicate both the speed limit and the enforcement limit at which the speed cameras will catch offenders.

In addition, 903 fines for reckless driving were issued during the first half of this year, Maj Al Mansouri said.

"Our aim is not to collect money, but rather to secure the emirate's safety and protect public property," he said. "Many of these offences are associated with a traffic accident."

Maj Al Mansouri urged parents not to allow their children to drive without a driver's licence, adding that such measures were a "national obligation".