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Ring the alarm if you wake from the dead

Plus an Italian couple sue to kick out their grown son, a woman crashes her car into a neighbour's house for the second time, and more news you can lose.

A mortuary in Turkey has been installed with a warning system in case anyone presumed dead comes back to life.

The morgue's refrigerators can detect movement to sound an alarm while its doors open on contact.

It follows the case in July of a 50-year-old man in South Africa, who woke inside a mortuary after his family decided he must be dead because they could not wake him.

Officials in Turkey said that patients proclaimed dead could wake from a state of unconsciousness: "We consider each and every possibility."


Fortunate son

A fed-up elderly couple in Italy are going to court to make their 41-year-old son leave home. The parents say their offspring has a job but refuses to fly the nest, insists on having his clothes laundered and his meals cooked for him.

They have asked lawyers at the consumer association Adico, which has dealt with "hundreds" of similar cases, to intervene. The son has been given six days to leave before the Venetian courts issue his parents with a protection order against him.

The beleaguered father, who has not been named, said: "We cannot do it any more. He really has no intention of leaving."


Women just say 'no'

Women in the southern Philippines imposed a conjugal ban to stop their husbands from fighting with each other. Wives in Dado, Mindanao, successfully managed to end tensions between about 100 families living there after going on a sex strike.

In a move that echoes the plot of the Greek comedy Lysistrata, they took the drastic step after losing patience following violent feuds between clans over land, money and politics.


Out of his skull?

It is usually used to sell unwanted furniture and advertise property to rent, but police were alerted after a human skull went on sale on the internet site Craigslist for US$300.

The seller, Mike Hale from Phoenix in the US, claimed he had picked up the skull of a 14-year-old child at a garage sale for $1. He had received about 20 inquiries from potential buyers, he said.

While there is no law banning the sale or possession of human bones, detectives are examining the skull to see if there had been any foul play. Sergeant Trent Crump of Phoenix police said there was nothing illegal about owning a human skull "unless you kill the person to get it".


She drives me crazy

A clumsy driver has wrecked two cars by smashing into the same house twice.

Nancy Wallace from South Park, Pennsylvania, was turning her car in a cul-de-sac when she lost control, veered off the road and crashed over a wall into the house, ending up with her vehicle wedged in the bathroom.

Her passenger Adrienne Mosi said: "All of a sudden I felt the car accelerate … then I saw the curtains in the bathroom of this house."

The homeowner, Mike Stocke, said it was the second time Wallace had driven into his home. On the first occasion, Ms Wallace had written off his daughter's car.

"It might be time for her to give up her licence," he said. He is still able to live in his house while the repairs are completed as he has a second bathroom.