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Register your quad bike before taking it off-road in Dubai

How to in the UAE: Quad bikes in Dubai, for off-road use only, must be registered with the Roads and Transport Authority.

If you want to ride a quad bike off-road in Dubai it must be registered.
If you want to ride a quad bike off-road in Dubai it must be registered.

The Dubai government requires that quad bikes, which can only be driven off-road, be registered with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Ahmed Bahrozyan, chief executive of the licensing agency at the RTA, says the first part of the process is handled at a regular customer service centre.

"The registration of a quad bike is no different than a normal vehicle," Mr Bahrozyan said.

If drivers do not have a traffic file with the RTA, they must bring their passport with residency visa to open one. Otherwise, an Emirates ID is sufficient.

Insurance is optional for private owners but companies must produce insurance for each vehicle.

If the bike is new, the owner must bring in the receipt. If it is older than three years, or the owner cannot produce a receipt, the bike must be taken to any of the RTA testing centres across the emirate.

"The purpose is to know the chassis number for this bike," said Mohammed Abdullah Al Ali, the IT team manager at the licensing agency. "Minimum requirements are for safety, such as good working brakes, lights and the chassis number for the engine is recorded."

Once the bike is tested or the chassis number is verified, the information is added to the traffic file before an owner can get a licence plate and registration card.

The test should take no longer than 10 minutes and registering a traffic file takes less than 25 minutes, including queuing, Mr Al Ali said. The entire process costs Dh160 for registration each year and Dh100 for the test if the bike is more than three years old.