x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Recycling drive a canny success

A campaign to collect cans for recycling in the UAE brought in 40 per cent more material than the same period last year.

DUBAI // A voluntary campaign held at 12 locations throughout the country gathered more than 7,600 kilograms of aluminium cans for recycling yesterday.

Organised by the Dubai-based Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), the initiative gathered 40 per cent more cans that it did during the same campaign last year.

"This is a very positive outcome," Habiba al Marashi, the founder and chairwoman of EEG, said. "I am full of praise for all our volunteers."

The campaign allows individuals and companies to bring their cans to participating locations, organising their transport to a local recycling plant run by the Dubai-based Lucky Group.

Schools were particularly active this year, Mrs al Marashi said.

There was also a large increase in the number of participating hotels. EEG has estimated that about 500 million canned drinks are sold in the UAE every year.

Out of them, less than five per cent end up with recycling companies - a paltry amount compared to the global rate of 63 per cent.

Now in its 14th year, the campaign is held twice annually across the country.

The second collection drive for this year is on May 7.