x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

Recruits wanted for RAK ranks

Hundreds of young men and women hope to be hired during a recruitment session for the RAK Police.

RAS AL KHAIMAH // The grounds of the police training centre hummed yesterday as hundreds of young men and women attended a recruitment session for the RAK Police. Two panels of officers interviewed 526 men and 167 women for careers in the police force. "We might only accept 50 applicants for every 300 we interview," said Col Jamal al Tair, a member of the recruitment panel who has worked on the force for 30 years. "The police force attracts people who are well educated and socially responsible. Today, our recruits are more educated and we will only take the very best candidates. Being a police officer is something you must feel from inside."

Recruitment interviews are carried out twice a year by officers from the RAK police force. Candidates must submit applications six months in advance before qualifying for an interview. If selected for jobs, applicants can work in operations, civil defence, prison, the traffic department, the criminal investigations department or human resources. Yesterday, small crowds of men huddled on the football pitch, sharing their hopes of a future in the police force.

Outside the main office, a long line of women stretched along the side of the building awaiting their interview. Asea Abdullah, a supervisor at the police training centre, said: "I've always wanted to be a police officer or a solider. "I've worked here for many years now and when I started I was the third woman on the force. I am proud to see so many women here today." Layali, 20, said: "I'd like a role where I can help in my community.

"It is more popular for women now and some of my friends work in the police. It is hard work but I want to join them." Police also celebrated a graduation ceremony for 124 corporals at the Security Research and Training Centre. During the ceremony, Capt Mohammed Khalfan, director of training affairs, stressed the importance of professional development in the department and the need for police to continue their training in security, public service and efficiency.

Brig Mohammed al Nouby, deputy director of RAK Police, presented the corporals with certificates and honoured the top graduates from the six-week course. azacharias@thenational.ae