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Record year for UAE's International Baccalaureate pupils as results come in

Top universities await highest performers as four Dubai pupils score maximum marks in IB diploma

Adiba Ejaz (left), from Gems Modern Academy, scored maximum points in the IB diploma. Courtesy Gems Education
Adiba Ejaz (left), from Gems Modern Academy, scored maximum points in the IB diploma. Courtesy Gems Education

It has been another record year of exam results for Dubai schools as pupils studying the International Baccalaureate programme celebrate joining an elite group of global performers.

More than 4,000 schools teach the IB curriculum to more than a million pupils around the world, and four Dubai children have outperformed most others by scoring maximum marks.

Achieving a maximum score of 45, two Gems Education pupils and two from the Jumeirah English Speaking School, have been placed in the top 1 per cent of global IB performers. Last year, the average international pass rate was 30 points, or 78 per cent.

With a pass rate of 94 per cent, Gems Education schools reported an increase of 501 pupils sitting IB diplomas, and a record performance year.

Those to excel included 49 pupils scoring an average above 40, and 13 with a result above 43.

Adiba Ejaz, from Gems Modern Academy, was one of two pupils from the group’s schools to score maximum points.

“I went into the programme largely uncertain as to how I would receive it, but that’s what made it all the more exciting,” she said. “The past two years have culminated in a degree of personal and intellectual growth I’d never have expected, and getting a 45 is just the cherry on top.”

The IB curriculum is compiled of core elements of knowledge theory, extended essay writing and a project of creativity, activity and service.

Pupils must study six subject groups of language and literature, language acquisition, the study of individuals and societies, sciences, maths and the arts.

Dubai Modern Academy achieved the highest average score of Gems schools, recording 34.6 points, whereas its World Academy reported an average of 33.8 points and Wellington International School scored 33.7 points.

“Many of our pupils are set to attend their first-choice university next year after receiving conditional offers from premium universities such as University College London, University of Cambridge, Oxford and Princeton universities,” said David Fitzgerald, vice president of Gems Education for US and IB Curriculum Schools. “We wish them all the best in the next step of their educational journey.”

At Repton School Dubai, all 61 pupils enrolled in the diploma programme passed. Two pupils, Aisha Mir and Hannah Fazal, earned 43 points each and now plan to study at the University of St Andrews and University College London respectively.

“We are extremely proud to announce that 100 per cent of our 61 IB students passed their IB examinations,” said David Cook, headmaster of Repton School Dubai.

“Additionally, two pupils have achieved the much-coveted bilingual diploma in French and English – a first for Repton and a huge achievement for the students involved,” he said.

This year, 47 per cent of Repton School Dubai pupils achieved 34 points of more, securing places at prestigious universities in the UK, Canada and the US.

A record for IB results was also set at the Jumeirah English Speaking School.

The school increased its average point score for the IB diploma from 36 points in 2018 to 38 this year.

Of those taking the examination, 79.5 per cent achieved at least 35 points in tests.

All of those who entered the programme either met or exceeded the global average score of 30 points.

Just 200 pupils are understood to have scored maximum points, with two attending Jess in Dubai.

Its pupils will now go to universities in the UK, the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia and the UAE.

“IB programmes offer a proper pre-university challenge and experience for our students and is a perfect educational fit for this international context we call home,” said Kosta Lekanides, deputy head of sixth form at Jess and head of the UAE Association of IB Schools.

“Each year, I see our students strive to meet their aspirational goals, stretch themselves well beyond their comfort zones, stumble, pick themselves up and then go on to attain exceptional results worthy of their individual efforts.

“Their investment is significant and I am always left proud of their achievements at this, the end of their high-school journey.”

Finley Bettsworth was one Jess pupil to record a perfect score of 45 with straight As in the core subjects. He is now heading to Brasenose College at the University of Oxford to study medicine.

He will be joined at Oxford by Chloe-Marie Hawley who earned 43 points and will study biology.

Reuben Strobel also achieved the full 45 points and will go on to attend the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.

Five other pupils scored 44 points, narrowly missing out on top marks.

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