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Rapper Dangour's video transcript

A transcript of a video by the rapper Dangour, who has been arrested on charges of inciting indecency and lawlessness.

“He who disses me, Dangour / I’ll always find him, whoever he may be and wherever he may hide. / Even if he hides under the surface of the earth, I’ll dig him up eventually. / And this isn’t just hot air, take a listen.”

The song then includes a clip of a man apologising to Dangour and his family for insulting him.

He continues: “If anybody calls me a racist, well, I concur, I am racist – the last thing we’ll tolerate here is whities insulting us.”

At the end of the video, an audio clip of a phone conversation

Video – Part II (phone conversation)

Mother: So you think people are toys you play with? You think people’s children are your toys? Sending them to hospital like that…

Dangour: It was your son’s fault, it was his fault. And he got what was coming to him.

Mother: What did my son ever do to you? What did he do?

Dangour: He dissed me. Who the hell does he think he is, going around dissing people? He’s made himself boss or what?

Mother: And who do you think you are, giving yourself the right to beat him up at will?

Dangour: That’s right, at will.

Mother: If he did something to you, you could file a complaint…

Dangour: I don’t like to file complaints. I own the world, you see.

Mother: … What?

Dangour: The world, I own it. The world’s mine.

Mother: What, you own what …?

(unclear, cross-talk)

Dangour: Hey, I tell you what, show some respect, and thank God that your son is still alive.

Mother: All right listen, I’m not going to waste anymore time with you. One last thing I’m going to talk to you about, you’ve shot a video [of what happened], haven’t you?

Dangour: Yeah, it’s on tape, to serve as a lesson for others.

Mother: Ok, all right, I tell you what, I’m not going to report you or do anything like that, but don’t you show that video to anyone. My son is engaged and his wedding is due in a few months. What do you say now?

Dangour: Well, to be honest, the video will be posted anyway, there is no going around that, sorry. It is going to be posted.

Mother: Listen to me, I’m trying to have a calm conversation with you right now. I’m telling you, don’t send that video to anybody, or else I promise you I’ll make a big deal out of it and I will report all of you.

Dangour: Ok, you said what you wanted to say. Now I’ll have you know that if I hear somewhere that you guys have reported me or anything like that, beware that I’m not on my own; we’re not two or three people, we’re a whole bunch, you see … And if I end up in jail because of you, all scandals imaginable will be upon you.

Mother: May God take revenge on all of you ...

Dangour: Your son started it, your son was going around acting like a boss. Listen to me (Mother repeats prayer), listen to me, nobody acts like they’re Dangour’s boss.

Mother: Really, you think you’re a big shot, for what? A phone call from me will have you disappear.

Dangour: This time around, I sent your son to hospital, sorry. But next time…

Mother: Look at you, you’re that happy about it, may God take revenge on all of you…

Dangour: All right now, hang up, hang up, and never call again…


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