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RAK ambulance service responds to 200 incidents in first half of 2017

The incidents included cases of drownings, car accidents and someone's hand becoming stuck under a machine

Almost 200 rescue operations were carried out by Ras Al Khaimah Ambulance and Rescue Section during the first seven months of this year.

Some 153 of the 187 operations were handled by the marine rescue team and included the rescue of four drowning victims and providing support to 12 damaged boats and jet skis at sea.

The ambulance and rescue department also tended to people injured in car accidents by cutting and dismantling vehicle parts using Hydraulic equipment. In a separate incident, rescue teams saved a person’s hand after became stuck in a machine.

Maj Tariq Al Sharhan, head of the department at RAK police, on Sunday offered the public advice to avoid such incidents.

He urged parents not to leave their children in cars and to ensure no one was left behind when closing the car to avoid suffocation.

Maj Al Sharhan also called on beach-goers to use the designated swimming areas and not to leave children unattended near pools and the beach.

“Four Asian children aged between 5 to 8 were rescued from drowning this year after they were dragged into the sea due to high waves,” he said.

He asked the public to collaborate with police by adhering to instructions issued by the concerned authorities.

“The Marine Rescue Unit is currently dispatching two patrols per day — morning and evening — to ensure public safety and attend to emergencies.”

Updated: August 13, 2017 05:12 PM