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Promoter may start 'shame' site to help bills

An event promoter plans to name and shame companies on Facebook that have not paid for services.

DUBAI // An events promotion company may set up a website to name and shame companies that have defaulted on payments.

Nightpaper Dubai, an online company that uses Facebook to promote nightclub events across the country, hopes the names of companies posted on the website www.blacklist.ae will be a warning to small businesses.

Bosses at the company purchased the domain name last week after trying and failing to claim back money they say they are owed.

"Those companies who are using our services and not paying for it, we will upload their names," said an executive at the company, who himself declined to be identified for this story.

"This is so that other companies will not have the same experience. If we were a company with only a small budget, and our clients were not paying, we'd have to close down again," he added.

He said the company might also collect examples of defaulted payments from across the country, and post them. However, he said the company might need a "security process" which might involve examining invoices and email transcripts.

"We don't want to publish any names that are wrong," the executive added.