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Protect your back with ergonomically designed luggage. Live Luggage's attractive, power-assisted Hybrid bags are exceptionally easy on the body (from Dh1,280, www.liveluggage.com), while Hempleman Collection's Monaco Trolley is a delightfully luxe overnight bag on wheels which is light and easy to pull (Dh3,950, www.hempleman.co.uk).

Play music, relaxation and visualisation CDs to help you switch off and enjoy your pregnancy. Mood Player is a growing online resource of chilled out music, hypnosis and relaxation albums (www.mood-player.com); to help you sleep, try Sue Weston's Sleep CD (Dh68, www.sueweston.com); to prepare for a natural birth, listen daily to Dr Gowri Motha in her CD The Jeyarani Way (Dh68, www.gentlebirthmethod.com).

Light toxin-free candles to help you relax. As Nature Intended andles by St Eval come in pretty glass jars and are made from vegetable and essential oils (Dh100 each, www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk), while the calming soy-wax Gravida Candle by Mama Mio comes in a sassy pink jar (Dh105, www.mamamio.com).

Nourish your skin with natural products. Particularly recommended are In-Light's 100 per cent Organic Restorative Body Butter for stretch marks (Dh170, www.inlight-online.co.uk) and Aromatherapy Associates' 100 per cent Organic Support Supersensitive Massage & Body Oil (Dh192, www.aromatherapyassociates.com).

Drink low-caffeine or herbal teas that are safe in pregnancy. Try Tea's fragrant and calming Tranquilitea (from Dh28, www.wearetea.com), Attic's restorative Pu-Erh Tea (from Dh13, wwww.attictea.co.uk) or In-Light's Rejuvenating tisane (Dh28, www.inlight-online.co.uk).

Eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Optimum Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy (Piatkus) by Patrick Holford and Susannah Lawson is full of helpful tips and recipes (from Dh37, www.amazon.com).