x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Private schools in Sharjah to increase tuition fees by 10 per cent

The rises for the coming academic year were announced by the Sharjah Education Zone.

SHARJAH // Forty-five private schools have been allowed to increase their tuition fees.

The rises for the coming academic year were announced by the Sharjah Education Zone.

Among the authorised schools, 36 follow the Ministry of Education curriculum and international curriculums, such as British or American.

Nine schools follow the Indian curriculum, according to Hessah Al Khaja, the head of private education at the education zone.

"All the authorised schools have to increase tuition fees only by 10 per cent," she said. "As for other fee charges, like for books and health fees, the committee authorised increases ranging from 3 per cent to 9 per cent."

The education zone has formed two committees to evaluate applications from schools to increase tuition and other fees.

The committees evaluate the schools based on their buildings, qualifications held by the teaching and administrative staff, and the quality of education and community services.

"A school should score at least 70 per cent on all of these to be eligible to increase fees," Ms Al Khaja said.

Mohammed Esmail Al Zarouni, the head of schools and institutes licensing at the education zone, said committees assessed the condition of school buildings and maintenance.

There has to be one toilet for every 30 students, separate buildings for boys and girls, good teaching and administrative staff and buildings, a well-equipped laboratory, a library with sufficient books and a school clinic with either a resident or visiting doctor.

The committees also evaluate the salaries offered to staff to ensure they are compliant with the applied fees structures.