x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 July 2017

Policewoman who took sickie and went to Qatar winds up in court

A doctor and the policewoman he wrote a bogus sick note for were caught after her bosses become suspicious at her repeated absences.

DUBAI // A doctor and a policewoman he wrote a bogus sick note for have both received three-month suspended jail terms.

M A, 67, from Pakistan, was pressured into writing the note for A A, 31, an Emirati, who then gave it to Dubai police, the court heard.

Her superior, Lt Col K S, 41, became suspicious at the amount of sick leave she was taking. He found out that she was out of the country during her last sick leave in June 2012 – which is against police regulations.

β€œShe confessed to me she was in Qatar and had the sick leave issued upon her return,” the lieutenant said. He said the policewoman and doctor had known each other for a few years and used to work at the same medical centre.

The policewoman admitted charges of aiding and abetting in forgery and using a forged document. The doctor denied a charge of forgery.

The suspension is valid for three years and the sentence will not be carried out unless the same offence is committed again by the defendants, the Dubai Criminal Court said on Thursday.