x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Policeman installing speed camera shot

A policeman is recovering in hospital after being shot in the leg as he installed a speed camera in Sharjah.

SHARJAH // A policeman is recovering in hospital after being shot as he installed a speed camera. Nasser Nour Abdullah, 32, was one of four officers working along Al Ittihad Road, near Sahara Mall, in Sharjah on Monday when he was hit in the left leg. Police believe the bullet was fired from a nearby building. They were still hunting for the gunman today. The shooting happened at about 4am, as residents were heading out for their early prayers. As Mr Abdullah lay bleeding on the road, and with police reinforcements and paramedics rushing to the scene, worshippers who had been heading to a mosque gathered around to help. Police officers immediately cordoned off the area. They believe that the shot came from inside one of several buildings across the road from the mall but had little else to go on yesterday as they gathered evidence. However, a spokesman for Sharjah Police said it was not thought to be a random shooting. "Until the criminal is arrested, only he can tell us why he shot the police officer on duty," said the spokesman. Mr Abdullah has been with the force for eight years. He is in Al Qassimi Hospital. Sources at the hospital said last night the officer was recovering well and it was likely that he would be discharged in the next few days. The incident was the second attack on a police officer in Sharjah this year. In April, Rashid Mohammed, 43, survived knife wounds to the chest when he was stabbed by a Pakistani driver whose vehicle he had stopped. ykakande@thenational.ae