x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Police train for underwater rescues

Dubai Police learn underwater rescue techniques.
Dubai Police learn underwater rescue techniques.

Dubai Police rescue forces are being trained to use hydraulic rescue equipment to save people from submerged vehicles. Capt Mohammed al Reyaysa, head of the Hard Tasks Section, said the 34 members were learning techniques to help those trapped in cars, but would also be trained to save people from aeroplanes which have ditched in the sea.

"With the development of Dubai, we felt it is important? we develop in all areas in the field of rescue, and therefore we began with the sea training. We are preparing to face disasters with high competency. "The training will also include rescuing drowning planes with the same equipment used for vehicles." Although hydraulics equipment is widely used above ground to free motorists from their vehicles after a serious accident, the same equipment has not yet been used in underwater rescues in the emirate.

The team's last water rescue occurred last month, when the driver of a car at Al Hamriya Port accidentally drove over the edge into the sea. The man sustained minor injuries. However, the majority of people involved in this type of accident either die or are seriously injured, making a fast and efficient response critical, said Capt Reyaysa. "If someone is trapped in a vehicle and it starts to drown, it can take only five minutes before the person could die, so immediate reaction and skill is needed."

The company Lucas Marbco, which specialises in rescue equipment, is providing the training to the team. rabubaker@thenational.ae