x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Police make four arrests using surveillance cameras

Police say several road-related crimes were solved quickly because of surveillance cameras.

ABU DHABI // Road surveillance cameras have provided evidence for police to make at least four arrests in the past two weeks.

The alleged crimes cracked within hours of their happening were three hit-and-runs, one of them fatal, and a street stabbing.

In the first incident, a 34-year-old Filipino pedestrian was knocked down and killed on Salam Street by a driver who fled the scene before police could get there.

"By using the traffic monitoring cameras, officers were able to determine the make, model, colour and licence plate number of the vehicle involved," said Maj Sultan Al Amri, head of Abu Dhabi Traffic Police CID.

"A 22-year-old Emirati man was arrested and has been referred to prosecution."

Preliminary police investigations suggested the driver had been speeding.

In the second hit-and-run, in which an Asian man was injured, investigations led to the arrest of the driver, who had also hit a parked car.

In the third incident, a driver without a valid licence struck a pedestrian, causing serious injuries. He was also arrested after officers watched footage from a nearby surveillance camera.

Finally, a CID investigation led to the arrest of another man suspected of involvement in a stabbing, who drove off afterwards.

"There is no point in fleeing the scene of a crime or accident as there is an extensive smart surveillance system in place to monitor the roads," Maj Al Amri said.

As much as 90 per cent of Abu Dhabi island is expected to be within range of security cameras by September 2011.

Abu Dhabi Municipality already has 153 CCTV cameras in the city centre, with 83 at junctions feeding live footage to traffic and police authorities. Plans to ensure every junction is covered by cameras have been in the works for some time.

Authorities have mounted hundreds of cameras in the city in locations such as Airport Road, Muroor Road and Khaleej al Arabi Street. The new Al Salam expressway is also monitored.