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Police issue new code on conduct

Police have issue a new set of rules for beachgoers in a bid to ensure good behaviour and safety.

Dubai // Police have issued a new set of rules for beachgoers in a bid to ensure good behaviour and safety. The rules, posted on the Dubai Police website, cover issues such as swimwear, where and when to swim, and how to avoid sunstroke. They include wearing a life jacket when swimming, avoiding swimming after sunset or when a red flag is raised, and not taking photographs if other people are in the frame.

Several beachgoers said they were not enthusiastic about the new rules. "The idea that you can't take photos if others are in the frame is a little extreme," said Kurt Smith, a Scottish national living in Dubai. "When the beach is empty, like during the week, its fine, but on a weekend it's impossible." Larissa Locher, a Swiss national here on holiday, added: "I am not OK with some of these rules. Why should I wear a life jacket? It makes things difficult, and it will stop people from coming here."

Sohail Siar, a French tourist relaxing on JBR beach, said: "They can have these rules, but if there is no lifeguard around all the time, there is no way they can verify what is happening. People can do what they want." Several incidents on Dubai's beaches have led to police involvement recently, most notably in cases involving inappropriate behaviour or indecent acts. The police did not say what penalties would be incurred as a result of disobeying the new beach code or how it would be enforced. nsamaha@thenational.ae

Swimming is prohibited when the red flag is raised. Always wear a life-jacket when swimming to avoid the risk of drowning Do not let children swim alone or without wearing a life-jacket Swim only in designated areas Swimming is prohibited after sunset Avoid direct exposure to the sun in the summer to avoid heat stroke Photographing others is not allowed Wear a swimming costume while swimming