x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

Pipes will stretch water supply

Water distribution pipeline may help retain traditional farming culture.

FUJAIRAH // A 100km water distribution pipeline from Kalba to Dibba that was announced yesterday could help east coast farmers preserve their groundwater for palms, said mountain residents.

Khawla al Mehrezi, 22, an education student at the Fujairah Women's College, said pipelines to her village of Masafi Fujairah had allowed her family to continue date palming without depleting reservoirs.

She said she hopes the Kalba-Dibba distribution main will help other households in rural areas continue their farming traditions.

"Lots of people here have farms, and they need water for their animals and their trees," said Ms al Mehrezi. "Most of our water comes from our farms, but it's not enough."

Her family relied on ground water until the Government added pipelines two years ago. "Since they started using the ministry water, it's safer because we know what it contains," said Ms al Mehrezi.

Mohammed al Shehhi, 23, said he hoped that his village of Ghalilah would receive more water for agriculture. "It would be nice if the Government could provide some fresh water," said Mr al Shehhi. "We used to sell dates in Al Ain but now because the water is so salty, it's affected our farms."