x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Passenger who threatened Emirates crew earns suspended sentence

Man had consumed three bottles of wine before threatening to sabotage the flight, court told.

DUBAI // A transit passenger who threatened an Emirates airline crew midflight after drinking three bottles of wine was sentenced this morning to three months in jail suspended for three years.

AP, 35, from France, admitted charges of issuing threats and consuming alcohol on board flight EK 74 from Dubai to Paris at Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance last week.

The incident happened on June 14 when AP threatened Australian crew member JL, 39, and French flight attendant DK, 29.

JL testified in records that two hours after the flight left Dubai, AP was intoxicated and was ordering the flight attendant to bring more wine.

“I ordered the attendants to stop providing him with liqour,” said JL. JL said he approached the passenger and told him that he would not be given more alcohol.

AP then threatened him saying: “I will sabotage the flight, and its reputation and I will make a big problem," the court was told.

As well as the suspended sentence, AP was also ordered to pay Dh1,000 for consuming alcohol.