x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 July 2017

Passenger traffic at Dubai International Airport surpasses Heathrow in February

Dubai is on track to overtake the world's busiest airport by 2015, after data showed it surpassed Heathrow with the highest number of passenger traffic in February 2014.

DUBAI // The number of passengers passing through Dubai International Airport was higher than that of Heathrow in London, the world’s busiest airport, in February.

The passenger traffic for Dubai was 5.6 million for the second month of this year, compared to 4.9 million at Heathrow.

However, a spokesman for Dubai International Airport said it is too early in the year to claim the title as busiest international airport.

“We tend to track statistics over the course of 12 months, and often avoid commenting on month-to-month statistics because of volatility.

“However, we are on track to overtake the number one position by 2015, if not earlier.”