x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Partnership praised for identity work

Several recommendations of the Dubai Partnership Agenda (DPA) have been implemented at local and federal levels proving a vital link between the private and public sectors, according to Dubai¿s executive council.

DUBAI // The emirate's Executive Council has credited the Dubai Partnership Agenda with increasing awareness of national identity issues.

One initiative, Ramadan in Dubai, involves museum pieces being displayed in malls and the archiving of print and online publications about national identity for reference purposes.

The DPA was launched in 2010 by the general secretariat of the Executive Council and supported by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.

"DPA has become a catalyst for progress and sustainable development, bringing public and private sector and segments of the society together to address issues of strategic importance and producing recommendations," said Abdulla Al Shaibani, the secretary general of the Executive Council, a decision-making body that drafts public policies and laws.

"DPA puts a spotlight on areas where improvement is sought for our best national interests."

Acting on a DPA suggestion, the Ministry of Education issued guidelines for public and private schools on how to link national identity to subjects such as history, literature and science, as well as to Arabic language and Islamic studies.

DPA's last session covered the need for a public and private corporate social responsibility framework and an annual agenda outlining initiatives aligned with government priorities.

"The private sector is our key stakeholder, it is imperative that we hear what they have to say and address their legitimate concerns and issues," Mr Al Shaibani said.