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Parking solution for residents fearful of getting car impounded while abroad

Sharjah Municipality to set up car parks across emirate for residents who are abroad for long periods of time.

SHARJAH // A solution to the problem of cars being impounded while residents are in their home countries has been offered by Sharjah Municipality.

The authority announced on Sunday that it will build long-term car parks around the emirate for residents to park while they are abroad.

The move is an attempt to keep Sharjah clear of dirty cars parked in front of residential buildings and mosques during the summer.

“Cars will be monitored around the clock by security personnel. In addition, they will be kept clean and protected from environmental factors,” said Thabit Al Tarifi, director of Sharjah Municipality.

Last year, municipality inspectors impounded more than 8,000 vehicles, many of which were parked unattended on streets for long periods of time.

Vehicles found abandoned in residential areas are given a 72-hour warning, while that period is 48 hours in commercial areas, after which they will be impounded. Cars found abandoned on main roads are impounded after 24 hours.

Sharjah Municipality will announce the locations of the car parks in coming weeks. No indication of cost for parking in the areas was given.


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