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Paris Hilton no role model for Emirati girls

Emirati mothers may push their daughters into designer gear, but one thing is clear: Paris Hilton is no role model

Mothers may be pushing their girls into designer gear while teachers remain oblivious, but they are all clear about one thing: Paris Hilton is no role model for Emirati girls.

Yet the range of bags and accessories named after and promoted by the model and heiress - who was described by one mother as "disgusting" - is a big hit in schools.

"How could you buy her things?" asked Bridin Harnett, a guidance counsellor at Al Nahda International School. "You see this woman drunk and doing all sorts of bad things."

The girls, however, said they thought her collection was "very cute".

"I don't think she is pretty, but her perfumes are so nice," said Sofia Amharech, a 16-year-old Moroccan at the school. "I like Paris Hilton things, her shop is cute."

Others agreed that the products were "cool", "unique", and "new".

But mothers expressed concern that by letting their daughters carry her products, they appeared to endorse the model's far from conservative lifestyle.

"I refuse to let my daughter even go into this shop," said Umm Omar.

But Sarah Najeeb, 17, from Abu Dhabi, disagreed. Buying the branded goods was not a sign of support for Ms Hilton, she insisted.

* Ola Salem