Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 20 August 2018

Parents of captured sailor plead for Indian government to act

Parents say pirates who captured MV Albedo are depriving hostages of food and have threatened to kill their son.

SHIMLA // The parents of a sailor held captive by Somali pirates for the past 20 months pleaded to the government yesterday to ensure his release.

Aman Kumar was on the MV Albedo on November 26, 2010, that left from Dubai on its way to Kenya when pirates attacked and took hostage all 23 crew members.

"Three days ago I got a call from my son, who was literally crying. He was saying the pirates are not giving him food and threatening to kill him if their demands of $1 million [Dh3.6m] ransom and release of 61 Somali pirates held by the Indian navy were not accepted," Aman's mother, Pushpa Devi, said yesterday.

This month seven Pakistani hostages were released after a $1.1m ransom was paid.

"The Indian government must act," said Aman's father, Kewal Krishan. "If Pakistan can get their men back, why not India," the former army veteran said. – IANS