x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Pakistanis to have special UAE training

Project will give specialist training to workers so they find employers that suit their skills.

DUBAI // Pakistanis hoping to work in the UAE could soon benefit from specialist training to boost their job prospects.

The Pakistan Embassy wants to provide employers with trained staff in jobs ranging from labouring to low-level management.

"We are looking at ways to work with employers, the Government and other agencies to find out what they require from their employees," said Jamil Ahmed Khan, the Pakistani ambassador.

"This will help Pakistanis looking for work and businesses looking for staff because they will get a workforce that fits their needs."

Mr Khan said the embassy was in the process of putting together the details of the programme.

Mobisher Rabbani, the philanthropist head of the Rabbani Foundation, said: "This kind of pre-departure training the embassy is looking into is common in other countries and is much needed."

The proposals are similar to the system used in the 1970s when specific gaps in the UAE jobs market were filled by skilled workers from Pakistan.

Mr Rabbani and other Pakistani businessmen said the programme should also include education on the type of life workers could expect in the Emirates.

Munir Mahmood, chairman of the Pakistan Professional Forum said people needed to be made aware of issues such as the cost of living, rent, and the realities of shared accommodation.