x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Pakistani jailed for Dubai road rage attack on student who showed middle finger

The two become embroiled in a fight outside a supermarket in Al Quoz, resulting in injuries to the student that needed treatment in hospital.

DUBAI // A Pakistani man has been jailed for two years for beating up a student who showed his middle finger to him in a road rage incident.

The Criminal Court convicted A D, 46, of assault and issuing insults.

The student, R M, 19, also from Pakistan, was found guilty of assault, committing an indecent act in public and issuing insults and fined Dh3,000.

The incident happened on April 19 last year near a supermarket in Al Quoz. Court records did not explain what caused the fight, but they show that A D’s attack left the student with a 5 per cent disability.

Police were called by onlookers, who arrested both men. A D was taken to Al Baraha hospital for treatment.

Both denied the charges at the first hearing in March.

The court also sentenced both men to deportation.