Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 24 May 2019

Pair tried to throw fireworks into a man's car, Dubai court hears

One of the men walked up to the salesman's car and threatened to throw fireworks into his car if he didn't get out of his vehicle

Two men chased a salesman down Hessa Street and tried to throw fireworks into his car, heard Dubai Criminal Court.

The Indian salesman, 27, said that on June 6, he was stopped at a traffic light when one of the two Emiratis accused stepped out of a car and ordered him to get out of his vehicle.

“He threatened to beat me up if I didn’t, then he tried to throw fireworks in my car after lighting them up,” he told the court.

The man said he drove off before the men could do anything.

Court records did not disclose the reason behind the altercation.

A Syrian man, whose car was near the victim’s, witnessed the interaction.

“Then I heard a loud bang, I don't know if it was a gun shot or what but I figured something not right so I called the police,” said the 42-year-old project manager.

Police tracked the two defendants, aged 27 and 34, using the car plate number given to them by the salesman.

“We called the owner of the car the same day and asked that he attends to the police station, he came along with the other defendant, the victim was present and he identified only one of them,” said an Emirati lieutenant, 31.

Police found fireworks and tear gas in the defendant's car.

The two accused did not attend court on Monday to face charges of endangering lives, issuing threats and possessing fireworks and court records did not disclose the reason behind the altercation.

The court will issue a verdict on December 26.

Updated: November 14, 2017 03:59 PM