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Pair burgle Dubai police officer's villa, stealing Dh800,000 worth of jewellery and money

Police launched an investigation after having received several reports of home robberies in the area

Two men stole Dh800,000 worth of gold, diamonds, and expensive watches from a villa belonging to a Dubai Police officer.

According to court records, the Emirati officer, 40, and his family left their home in Al Warqaa at 11pm on September 14 to attend a wedding.

“We returned around 3am. My wife headed to the bedroom immediately and screamed when she saw the door broken, because when we left we locked all the doors,” said the officer.

He called police after discovering that their iron safe had been broken into and all their valuables, including Dh200,000 in cash, had been stolen.

“I didn't have the time to check everything, maybe they stole more, but this is what I immediately noticed to be missing,” he told the court.

Police launched an investigation after having received several reports of home robberies in the area.

“We received information from our sources that two Chinese men may be involved in the robbery,” a police first lieutenant said.

Police monitored the pair, aged 25 and 31, and arrested them on September 25, along with a suspected accomplice.

The first lieutenant told the court that the duo resisted arrest and assaulted an officer, injuring his knee.

“They tried to escape but the policemen restrained and took them into custody,” the first lieutenant said.

During police questioning, the men admitted to stealing from the villas and said a fourth man was also involved, labelling him as the “mastermind” behind the theft.

They told police that they had planned to steal from several villas in the area.

“They rented a car and started driving around and checking which villa were unlit and empty,” said the first lieutenant.

After stealing the valuables and money, the men allegedly then split their loot before the fourth suspect fled the country with his and the second defendant’s share.

The rest of the stolen items were found with the third defendant, according to court records.

In court on Monday, the Chinese pair admitted to an armed robbery charge but denied an additional charge of physically assaulting police officers.

The 36-year-old third defendant, also Chinese, denied a charge of possessing stolen money after knowing of their illegal source.

The court will deliver its verdict on November 27.

Updated: November 20, 2017 09:11 PM