x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Pair accused of stealing sheep from Emirati farm

Two men appeared in court on charges of stealing sheep and knowingly possessing stolen goods.

DUBAI // Two men are accused of stealing six sheep from an Emirati farm, a Dubai court heard on Wednesday.

A Bangladeshi shepherd AM, 32, is charged with stealing the sheep while his Pakistani friend, KK, 32 is facing a charge of knowingly possessing stolen goods.

AM denied the charge and KK told the Dubai Criminal Court that he did not know the sheep were stolen.

The owner of the sheep, AS, 80, told prosecutors that in December last year he was at a market in Al Raweya area to buy grass for his sheep and there he saw the six sheep and wanted to buy them, not knowing they were originally his.

“I asked a man there about the owner of the sheep in order to meet with him and buy the sheep so he told me that AM was the one but I could not see him,” said AS.

The owner took a closer look and his suspicions grew that the sheep might be those he was missing, so he called police.

“I didn’t know that my workers stole my sheep and sold them,” he said.

A polilceman testified that KK denied knowing anything about the theft and said that he bought them for Dh2,400.

A verdict is expected on February 26.