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On-song Camp Ka Champ winners step out to celebrate

The seventh edition of Camp Ka Champ came to a close on Thursday evening.

DUBAI // Dancing with joy and hugging each other, it is safe to say Dhruv Bakshi and Zulfikar Ali took their Western Union Camp Ka Champ win well.

The Indian duo were crowned the overall winners of the popular singing contest on Thursday evening.

Also know as Dubai Idol, Camp Ka Champ gives labourers living in Dubai the chance to sing their hearts out for a host of prizes.

Whittled down from 3,000 entrants from 80 labour camps, the winners, Mr Bakshi and Mr Ali, walked away with gifts including Dh7,500 in vouchers and a plasma television. Finalists were handed Dh1,500 and return air tickets, while semifinalists received Dh1,000.

The event, now in its seventh year, continues to grow in popularity. A crowd of about 2,500 gathered to watch the quarter-final on September 8.

Winners of the top prizes are chosen not only for their singing but for their knowledge of Bollywood films.

The final, said audience members, was memorable for several reasons.

“This is also an open commitment which actually goes to prove that the talent of the blue-collar workers is being recognised,” said one attendee.

“The event was fantastic. People were overwhelmed with joy. They were happy they could witness this once again, more so because it was held within the camp accommodation.

“They were very happy to actually witness one of them on the stage singing and entertaining them and winning prizes.”

This year’s event saw the largest participation, according to organisers.

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