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Officials warn people against slaughtering animals at home

Their call came as residents of a compound in Mohammed Bin Zayed City complained to police after a neighbour sacrificed two goats in front of their homes.

ABU DHABI // Ahead of Eid, officials have warned people against slaughtering animals at their homes.

Their call came as residents of a compound in Mohammed Bin Zayed City complained to police after a neighbour sacrificed two goats in front of their homes.

L B, from Scotland, who asked not to use her name, said she recently returned to her home at 9.30pm to find two goats ready for slaughter tied just steps from her front door.

“I was horrified, I was absolutely horrified,” said the teacher who has lived in the country for nearly three years.

The goats belonged to her neighbour, a Greek Muslim, who is also the manager of the residential compound where L B and about 200 other residents, mostly western expatriates, live.

L B, who is a vegetarian, and another neighbour pleaded with the property manager to remove the goats.

“We said ‘we’re not against your religious culture but we know this is illegal’,” L B said.

When the property manager refused to take the animals away, another neighbour called the police.

“They advised us to talk to him rather than make an official complaint,” L B said. “We had tried that but nothing had worked.”

The police told the property manager to remove the goats but after they left the property, he allegedly ignored their order and killed the animals, L B said.

“We had blood all over our front doors,” L B said. “It was the noise and the blood and it was just disgusting.”

L B said that many of the neighbours had complained to the landlord and had threatened to vacate the premises when their leases come up for renewal. L B also said she had filed a complaint with Abu Dhabi Municipality.

The slaughter of animals in homes and public spaces is prohibited at all times to safeguard public health and the environment, said Khalifa Al Romaithi, head of public health administration for the municipality.

“It’s only allowed to slaughter in the municipal slaughterhouses and under veterinary supervision,” Mr Al Romaithi said.

There are four slaughterhouses in the emirate where residents can have their animals euthanised and butchered – Abu Dhabi, Al Shahama, Bani Yas and Al Wathba.

“We invite everyone to slaughter animals in the municipality slaughterhouses and not anywhere else,” Mr Al Romaithi said.

So far this Ramadan, more than 26,915 sheeps and goats and 913 cattle and camels have been slaughtered.

By the end of the month, the municipality expects there to be nearly 60,000 carcasses.

Last year, there was one complaint lodged with the municipality against a residential slaughter. Mr Al Romaithi said no complaints had been received yet this year.

L B emphasised that she respected Islamic culture but asked residents to in turn respect the UAE’s laws.

“We moved to this country and we respect their views and their religions but they have to respect ours as well,” L B said.

“We all pay rent to live here. We don’t need to have goats killed outside our doors.”


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