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Not lovin' it - McDonald's warns UAE customers over fake promotion

A leaflet produced by “Al Khaleej Marjeting LLC” claims to offer customers a free meal

Mcdonald's has warned UAE customers over a fake promotion
Mcdonald's has warned UAE customers over a fake promotion

McDonald’s has served its customers with a warning against falling foul of a fake promotion that offers a free meal.

The American fast food chain posted a video on its UAE Facebook page highlighting scams involving fake offers or coupon books.

The video features a leaflet produced by “Al Khaleej Marjeting (sic) LLC” which has the McDonald’s logo and a picture of a meal with the words “absolutely free” written next to it. The offer purports to be valid until July 17 next year.

In the video, McDonald’s points out that an easy way to tell whether an offer is genuine is to check if the restaurant’s name is spelt correctly – in this case it is “macdonals”.

“Any offers or coupons will be communicated through our official McDonald’s platforms and official partners only,” the Facebook video says.

It was not immediately clear how fraudsters expected to be able to profit from the attempted scam.

In similar cases, however, the offer of fake discount coupons has required victims to fill out brief surveys with details including their name, home address, and email or telephone details.

This information can then used by cybercriminals to gain access to password details in a bid to access online bank accounts, for example.


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