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Not a bad first car - UAE company driver handed keys to his 323kph Lamborghini raffle prize

Soupi Abdulla, 44, has simple plans for the first car he has ever owned — a Dh750,000 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2012, but will it be life in the fast lane?

Mr Abdulla usually drives a company Mitsubishi minibus.
Mr Abdulla usually drives a company Mitsubishi minibus.

Al AIN // A company driver has been handed the keys to the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2012 he won in a raffle at Al Jimi Mall and has simple plans for the car: loan settlement.

The 550-horsepower Lamborghini is the first car Soupi Abdulla, 44, has ever owned. In his village in Kerala, India, he drives an old scooter.

Mr Abdulla has worked in the UAE and Oman since 1982. When he is working, he drives a Toyota delivery van with an average speed of 80 kph. The Lamborghini, valued at Dh750,000, can hit speeds of up to 323kph.

"I always follow UAE laws and regulations" he said.

He said he will sell the Lamborghini to repay a loan he took to build his family home. He will save the rest, build houses for the needy in his village and donate to his local mosque.

"My region is very poor," he said. "I will help these people from my village."

Mr Abdulla has no plans to leave the one-bedroom flat he shares with his two brothers in Al Ain.

The competition attracted nearly a quarter of a million entries. To be eligible for the draw, shoppers had to spend more than Dh250 at any of the Al Jimi Mall's outlets.