x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Nigerians arrested while trying to smuggle cocaine though Abu Dhabi airport

The suspects had swallowed a total of 441 capsules between them and were detained in four separate occasions after showing signs of severe illness while in transit.

ABU DHABI // Five Nigerians have been arrested on charges of trying to smuggle nearly 10 kilograms of cocaine through Abu Dhabi airport in 441 capsules in their stomachs.

The men were detained in four separate incidents after they showed signs of severe illness in the airport while travelling from Sao Paolo in Brazil to Lagos, Kano and Abuja in Nigeria.

The first man confessed to swallowing 84 capsules of cocaine weighing 1.4kg, police said.

Two others were detained after the airport’s drug detection devices identified 64 capsules of cocaine weighing 1.6kg in one man’s stomach and 56 capsules weighing 1.3kg in the other.

A fourth man was apprehended with 109 capsules weighing 2.5k, and the fifth was carrying 128 capsules weighing 2.4kg.

Col Dr Rashid Mohammed Boursheid, director of the criminal investigation department at Abu Dhabi Police, said the drugs would have been in the men’s stomachs for more than 24 hours before they could deliver them. He said this was extremely risky as the carrier could die of poisoning if any of the capsules burst.

All five men have been referred to the anti-narcotics division at the criminal investigation department.