x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Newborn girl found inside black bag in rubbish bin

An Asian man made the discovery when he heard crying from the bin, police said.

DUBAI // A newborn baby girl has been found inside a black bag in a rubbish bin in Ras Al Khaimah.

The abandoned child was discovered when an Asian man heard cries coming from the bin. He alerted his supervisor and the pair of them helped the baby out from the bin.

The little girl was taken to hospital and she is now in a good condition.

The director of CID for Al Mamoura Police, Major Walid Mohammed Kanfash, said an investigation team has tracked down the mother of the baby after a citizen filed a complaint about his housemaid, who was behaving strangely.

A medical examination revealed that the woman in question, who is Asian and in her 20s, had recently given birth.

She admitted to having an illegitimate relationship with an Asian man who fled before the birth.

On Monday a two-day-old baby girl was found abandoned in the garden of a home in the Al Mansoura neighbourhood of Sharjah.

The child was discovered at about 7am by neighbours. She was taken to Al Qassimi hospital by ambulance and officials have already begun an investigation to find her parents.

A hospital spokeswoman said the baby’s health was good and she would remain in hospital for the next few days while staff monitor her condition. If there are no complications the child will go to the Sharjah Children Care Centre.