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Naked woman thrown out of window, court hears

Briton denies charges of assault and having consensual sex with Ukrainian.

DUBAI // A salesman threw a naked prostitute from a hotel window, breaking her spinal cord, after she refused to let him finish having sex with her, a court heard yesterday.

ZA, 37, from Britain, denied charges of assault and having consensual sex with AK, 36, a Ukrainian.

But he confessed in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance to drinking alcohol with her.

Prosecutors charged AK with prostitution and drinking alcohol. She did not appear in court yesterday.

AK told investigators that on the night of October 23 last year she met ZA at a bar in the Panorama Hotel in Bur Dubai.

A friend of ZA confirmed she had met him and his friend there and offered to have sex with them for Dh500. AK went with ZA to a room in a different hotel, court documents show.

They show a dispute broke out after she insisted he pay the Dh500 before they finished having sex, and she ran to a bedroom, locked herself in and began screaming at passers-by for help.

AK said she then called a taxi driver she knew and asked him to come and collect her.

Minutes later, court records show, ZA managed to get into the room, where he grabbed her and threw her out the window. AK landed on a car.

She managed to make it into the hotel's reception area before collapsing. She was taken by ambulance to Rashid Hospital.

A medical report said she suffered damage to her spinal cord, which left her with a 30 per cent disability.

The hotel's receptionist, DA, testified that ZA and AK had entered the hotel acting like lovers.

"Shortly after, AK returned to the reception through the main door naked, crying and in pain," DA said.

He said she told him a crazy man threw her out a window. When he went to check on the room, he found an empty bottle of whisky but ZA had left.

MM, 30, a Pakistani driver, testified that he had gone to the hotel after getting a call from AK and saw a man trying to flee in a car. The driver turned out to be ZA, the court heard.

The next hearing is scheduled for December 1, when AK will be summoned.