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Muslim scientists offer an example

I am very pleased to hear about such historical exhibitions in our region and beyond in an age when we are constantly surrounded by images of mediocrity and violence, Islamic scientific history contradicts today's extremists (March 28).

A look inside
A look inside "1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World". A reader extols the ability of the exhibit to raise awareness of the scientific heritage of the Arab and Muslim world.

I am very pleased to hear about such historical exhibitions in our region and beyond in an age when we are constantly surrounded by images of mediocrity and violence, Islamic scientific history contradicts today's extremists (March 28). The Islamic science show "1001 Inventions" will motivate many across the world to appreciate the role models, both men and women, who have built a foundation of civilisation despite all the harsh challenges they faced.

Ibn Sina, the great "medieval" era physician, mathematician and astronomer, never could stay in one place for more than several years owing to political turmoil, and yet produced great scientific and cultural literature and discoveries. An outstanding lesson for our own uncertain times. Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel should be commended for sponsoring this event, as well as his own pioneering role in founding MIT's Poverty Center and the microfinance initiative, Grameen-Jameel, that are revolutionising through evolution. Athar Mian, Britain

Israel backed into a corner by Netanyahu's bumbling (March 28) is a good article. The only reason Israelis have been able to continue with their illegal expansion since 1967, violating international laws and leaving many Palestinians homeless and dead in the process, is thanks to the relentless backing by the world's superpower, the United States. While other country's leaders are being questioned, attacked and even executed on charges of nuclear armaments, terrorism and war crimes, Israel is let off to continue perpetrating the same sort of crimes. If the US and other allies are now sending clear signals of dissatisfaction with Israel, it is only because Israel's activities have put their interests at risk. F Baasleim, Dubai

In regards to the editorial Survival summit (March 25), conservation is not a new concept to Muslim shores. It had been practised for a very long time long before the current trend. Perhaps it is time to revisit the age-old tried and tested methods to rejuvenate the sea and the land. These methods are now successfully being employed by people facing similar situations. The Gulf states could do the same. JB, Britain

In regards to A thousand pupils still without places (March 28), I fully agree with Adec that new schools need to be opened in Abu Dhabi by 2012. I recommend the opening of new Chinese schools here as well. As we know, Abu Dhabi's society is multicultural and booming; we should prepare the environment for new expatriates. Abdullah al Naqbi, Abu Dhabi

Some friends and I visited the public family beach on Abu Dhabi's Corniche at the weekend to watch the Red Bull Air Race and enjoy a swim. The tide was out, exposing a rocky shoreline which was painful to walk on barefoot, and a strange sulphurous smell emanated from certain patches of seawater, which was distinctly murky compared to usual. Overall it wasn't a pleasant experience. While we couldn't find an explanation for the bad smell, on closer inspection it appears that the rocks were broken up pieces of concrete, presumably left behind by contractors when the sea wall was demolished. I can only assume that chunks of the old sea wall were simply dumped into the water off the newly created beach. I know several people who have cut their feet while entering the sea there.

At a time when Abu Dhabi is investing heavily in attracting tourists and promoting the public beach as a premier venue in the city, I'm surprised that this has been allowed to happen. The Municipality has done such a fantastic job with the landscaping and the amenities that it's a real shame for the experience to be let down by abandoned building materials clogging the waterline and posing a potential danger, particularly to the softer feet of children. I suggest the Municipality gets the contractor back to finish the job. Sarah Bartlett, Abu Dhabi

I would simply say that this is a report planned to trigger a controversy, Balochistan: Pakistan's broken mirror (March 26). There are valid struggles in the world for freedom, like Kashmir, that no one reports. This is an effort to weaken Pakistan. Why was it not mentioned that the Balochistan conflict is funded by India? Name withheld by request