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MTV Arabia bans Lady Gaga video

A pop video by the American singer Lady Gaga has been banned by the MTV Arabia music channel for its lyrical content.

Lady Gaga's Love Game contains sexually explicit lyrics.
Lady Gaga's Love Game contains sexually explicit lyrics.

MTV Arabia has banned a video for the latest single by the American pop singer Lady Gaga. The video for Love Game, which includes sexually explicit lyrics, was banned in Australia and the Dubai-based music channel MTV Arabia has followed suit. Samer al Marzouki, channel head of MTV Arabia, said: "We represent the young generation's mentality and culture so we can't play something that conflicts with that. If they can't watch something comfortably with their brother, sisters or friends then we will not play it."

He said it was "very rare" to ban videos on the channel, which is broadcast around the region, and the decision was made after a majority opinion by its executives. Recently, Katy Perry's song I Kissed A Girl was banned on the channel for the same reasons. Mr al Marzouqi added: "Our policy to keep away as much as possible from sex, religion and politics unless it's educational. What we play in MTV represents the hits of the region and global hits."

Alcohol is seen in the Lady Gaga video several times and dancers are dressed in fetish-style clothing. The controversial 23-year-old star - real name Stefani Germanotta - has made headlines around the world as a result of the video's provocative content and the song's sexually explicit lyrics. Australian TV censors banned it due to its "frequent verbal and visual sexual references" as reported in the country's Daily Telegraph.

It was decided that it was impossible to edit the video to a PG certificate of content without destroying the original intent. mswan@thenational.ae