Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 February 2020

Motorists urged to take extra care as wet weather expected to continue

The weather bureau warned of a chance of scattered rain on Tuesday, as well as the possibility of thunder, high winds and low visibility.

Dubai Police have warned motorists to keep a safe distance between vehicles, one day after three people died on the UAE’s roads after rain, wind and thunder descended upon the country.

More than 750 accidents were reported on Dubai’s roads on Monday, with seven severe accidents taking place in Abu Dhabi. In the north, residents experienced heavy rain, hail and thunderstorms.

The weather bureau warned of a chance of scattered rain in some areas on Tuesday, especially in the country’s interior and northern and eastern areas, as well as the possibility of thunder, wind, blowing dust and low visibility.

A chance of rainfall was also expected in the morning, accompanied by a drop in temperatures with party cloudy weather in general, the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology said.

The temperature in coastal areas was expected to reach a high of 21ºC and a low of 13ºC, with a high of 22ºC in internal areas and a low of 13ºC.

Mountainous areas will experience lower temperatures, with a high of 16ºC and a low of 8ºC.

Forecasters also expect moderate, northwesterly winds that could cause dust to blow in some exposed areas.

The weather is likely to improve on Wednesday, with partly cloudy to fair conditions, moderate to light winds and a chance of fog at night.


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