x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Moroccan woman in Dh455,000 extortion

A Moroccan woman who allegedly threatened and harassed an Emirati businessman is charged with extortion.

DUBAI// A Moroccan woman who allegedly threatened and harassed an Emirati businessman and his family appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance yesterday, charged with extortion. The woman, identified only as N F, 31, was also accused of trespassing, vandalism and issuing threats and insults against the man, his wife, son and daughter, according to court documents. She denies the charges.  The court was told the woman harassed the family for two years, during which time she threatened to drench his house "in blood" and offered their nanny money to poison meals. The businessman, A M, testified that he eventually paid her Dh300,000 (US$81,600) to go away, but she demanded another Dh155,000. He refused to pay a second time and contacted the police. "I was afraid for my family's safety, so I decided to pay her at first to get rid of her." N F began harassing the family in Nov 2006, when she called N M, the businessman's wife, and said: "When are you going to die - you have Aids. When will we be rid of you?" The defendant also suggested that N M's husband was with another woman that day. In Feb 2007, N M's son received a text message - apparently intended for his father - that warned: "If you do not come to meet me, I will go to your home and make problems for you." The accused also said she would have the man's daughter arrested, claiming she knew many powerful people. In one text message sent to A M, the defendant claimed they had sexual relations 20 years earlier. The case was adjourned until Oct 5. * The National