Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 21 June 2019

More than 9,000 animals sacrificed for the poor over Eid

Charity provides meat to feed thousands of families

More than 9,000 animals were slaughtered and their meat given to those in need over Eid Al Adha, a UAE charity has said.

Sharjah Charity International said it distributed meat from more than 9,250 goats, sheep and cattle to families inside the Emirates and internationally.

Abdullah Saif bin Hindi, a spokesman for the organisation, said 2,500 people in Sharjah received 1,050 animals while a further 8,100 were distributed to the poor in 55 other countries around the world.

Mr bin Hidi said that out of the animals given to families in Sharjah, 700 were provided to those living in the capital, 100 were handed out in Al Dhaid and Al Madam areas and the remainder were distributed in Kalba and Dibba Al Huson. Another 100 cows were distributed among Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

The SCI also said it had completed tests on all the animals prior to giving them to families to make sure they complied with safety regulations.

Mr bin Hidi revealed the highly successful campaign reflected the aim of SCI to follow the guidance of Prophet Mohammed over Eid.


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