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Missing Disney film found after 60 years on shelf

Mickey Mouse was originally a rabbit called Oswald, Russian woman strives to have the world's biggest lips and burglar makes himself at home after having a shower.

The discovery of a long-lost Disney animation has revealed that Mickey Mouse was originally a rabbit called Oswald.

The short film, called Hungry Hobos, was made by a young Walt Disney in 1928 but has been missing for 60 years. A copy has now turned up at a film archive in England, where it had been gathering dust on a shelf until an archivist Googled the title.

The film's main character, Oswald, is almost identical to Mickey, except that his ears are longer.

Teen sparks a sham scam

After deciding that he might enjoy a career in the security industry, 18-year-old Kieon Sharp decided to ask the driver of a Brinks armoured truck for information by knocking on the vehicle's window.

Believing it was an armed robbery, the driver contacted police in Charleston, South Carolina, and said he had been challenged by a man with a gun, resulting in Sharp's arrest.

Sharp was questioned for several hours but freed after the misunderstanding was cleared up. He has applied for a job with Brinks.

'Ugly Indians' clean streets

A group calling themselves "Ugly Indians" have pledged to clean up the country's famously filthy streets. They have started removing rubbish and other debris along several roads in the city of Bangalore. Members of the group remain anonymous and work on "ugly spots" with mops, buckets and brooms.

In a statement, the Ugly Indians said: "Show us one Indian city that can boast of one kilometre of clean street - with no open garbage dumps, no missing footpath slabs, no urine stench, no paan stains on walls? Bangalore … is the only Indian city that now has 4km of streets clean from these four civic ills."

Naming baby in Google era

Two-thirds of American couples use Google to check on potential names for their children, a survey has found.

The parents want to check who else has the name or to make sure that no one else in the world has it.

The survey for the lilsugar website found that 63 per cent of parents used the search engine.

'Toon lips are world's largest

A Russian woman has undergone more than a hundred silicone injections to give herself the biggest lips in the world.

Kristina Rei, 22, said she wanted to resemble the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit from the film Who Killed Roger Rabbit?

She spent about Dh23,000 on the injections because she felt her old lips were unattractively thin.

Ms Rei, from St Petersburg, said: "I look fantastic and it makes me happy. Sometimes strangers shout names at me in the street, like 'big lips', but I don't care."

She now believes her lips are big enough but has begun saving for an operation to give her elf ears.

Thief makes himself at home

After breaking into a house, a burglar showered, put on the owner's clothes, helped himself to tacos and cookies then settled down in the lounge to watch a DVD.

Police were called when the homeowner discovered the thief, saying he recognised the clothes but not the man wearing them.

Jonathon Humphrey, 20, was booked on charges of burglary at Sonoma County jail in California.