x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Ministers summoned to next FNC session for Q&A

Two ministers have been callled to attend the next FNC session after their written responses were deemed unsatisfactory.

ABU DHABI // Two ministers have been summoned to the next FNC session to answer questions on the poor state of school buildings in Ras Al Khaimah and the lack of information on new laws.

Members asked for the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mohammed Al Gargawi, and the Minister of Education, Humaid Al Qattami, to attend their next session after their written responses were deemed to be unsatisfactory.

The first question, directed to Mr Al Gargawi, asked about the lack of information on laws provided to the public once they were passed by the Cabinet.

The minister said the Cabinet sought to educate the section of society affected by new laws through media campaigns, booklets and other publications before the law was introduced.

Mr Al Gargawi said media organisations had been given contact information for sources at different ministries to answer pressing questions.

Salim Al Ameri (Abu Dhabi) said that the answer was good but not enough. “I need him to come for more clarification,” Mr Al Ameri said.

Mr Al Qattami’s written response said there was a plan to refurbish schools, but Rashed Al Shuraiqi (RAK) said a more specific answer was needed.

Mr Al Shuraiqi presented images to the council of some buildings that appeared rundown, had missing ceiling tiles and poor safety features.

The next session will be held in two weeks.